XOPT2024 will be held on-site.
If your paper is accepted, we will ensure a platform for it to be presented.

Important Dates

Abstract submission open:
18 October 2023
Abstract submission deadline:
4 January 2024
Registration open:
19 January 2024

Welcome address

We are pleased to host the International Conference on X-ray Optics and Applications (XOPT2024) as part of the Optics and Photonics International Congress 2024 (OPIC2024) in Yokohama, Japan.

X-rays have played a vital role in a number of breakthrough scientific discoveries in recent years. Continuous innovations in X-ray optics, methodologies, and beamline instruments have laid the foundation for these achievements. For this conference, we are inviting leading experts in these fields from around the world to share the latest status of X-ray technology and developments and to discuss their plans for the future. One important topic we would like to discuss is how state-of-the-art X-ray optics can contribute to exploring the potential of the DLSR (Diffraction-Limited Synchrotron Radiation) sources that are currently emerging.

As a part of OPIC2024 on April 23-25, 2024, participants in XOPT2024 will have a full access to all the other concurrent conferences, events and exhibition (OPIE2024). See http://opicon.jp/ for details.

We are happy to welcome you to participate in and enjoy the conference.

Presentation style

Oral presentations

Invited talks: 30 minutes (include discussion)
Contributed talks: 15 minutes (include discussion)

Poster presentations

Poster board size is 90 cm (Horizontal) x 210 cm (Vertical)

Conference Chairs

Tetsuya Ishikawa


Kazuto Yamauchi

Osaka University

Co-Sponsored by

  • RIKEN SPring-8 Center
  • Research Center for Ultra-Precision Science & Technology. Osaka Univ.
  • Technical Committee for Ultraprecision Machining of JSPE


XOPT covers the recent progress of X-ray technology and developments with topics including the following fields:

  • X-ray optical components

    • High-resolution monochromators
    • High-resolution spectrometers/analyzers
    • Optics for high-energy X-ray applications
    • Beamline monochromators/mirrors
    • Focusing optics (reflective, refractive, diffractive)
    • Phase retarders and polarization optics
    • Diagnostics tools
    • New optics for diffraction-limited synchrotron radiation (DLSR)
  • Methods/applications

    • X-ray imaging/microscopy
    • X-ray inelastic scattering
    • Time resolved analysis
    • X-ray correlation spectroscopy
    • Nonlinear X-ray optics
    • New Methods/applications for DLSR
  • Others

    • X-ray sources
    • X-ray detectors

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