Invited Speakers (alphabetical order)

Immo Bahns (European XFEL, Germany)
“Thermoelastic stability of Bragg reflectors under pulsed heat load in an XFELO”

Florian Döring (PSI, Switzerland)
“Multi-Focus Off-Axis Zone Plates for Experiments at X-Ray Free Electron Lasers”

Jürgen Gluch (Fraunhofer IKTS, Germany)
“Laboratory based hard X-ray microscopy with Multilayer-Laue-Lens for full-field imaging”

Takaki Hatsui (RIKEN, Japan)
“CITIUS: a 17400 frames/s X-ray imaging detector with a linear response over 600 Mcps/pixel”

Mourad Idir (NSLS II, USA)
“Advanced X-ray optics and metrology development at NSLS-II”

Nozomu Ishiguro (Tohoku University, Japan)
“Nano-scale Chemical State Visualization of Functional Materials Using Ptychography-XAFS”

Adam Kubec (PSI, Switzerland)
“Additive Manufacturing for X-ray optical applications”

Vladimir Lipp (DESY, Germany)
“Measurement of the transient optical phase change as a potential diagnostics tool for extreme-ultraviolet free-electron-laser pump optical-probe experiments”

Hiroto Motoyama (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
“Development of sub-micron soft x-ray free-electron laser focusing system at SACLA”

Kelin Tasca (European XFEL, Germany)
“A diamond channel cut monochromator for operation at high energy and high repetition rate at the EuXFEL: a numerical modeling of the thermal load effects”

Ivan Vartaniants (DESY, Germany)
“Hanbury Brown and Twiss Interferometry at X-ray Free-Electron Lasers”

Wataru Yashiro (Tohoku University, Japan)
“Feasibility study on 3D dynamic X-ray elastography for soft tissue and soft materials”