Invited Speakers (alphabetical order)

Dina Carbone (MAX IV Laboratory)
“A 3D microscopy for crystalline materials at 4th generation Synchrotron sources”

Jasper Frohn (Universität Göttingen)
“X-ray optics and 3D multi-scale bioimaging at P10/PETRA III”

Mourad Idir (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
“Optical metrology for synchrotron mirrors at NSLS-II”

Takahisa Koyama (JASRI & RIKEN)
“Multilayer reflective optics for intense X-rays at SPring-8 and SACLA”

Bernd Christian Meyer (Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory)
“Opto-mechanical design and commissioning of the high energy Zoom-tomography beamline MOGNO”

Luc Patthey (Paul Scherrer Institute)
“SwissFEL soft X-ray beamline design and first results”

Andrey Shavorskiy (MAX IV Laboratory)
“Ambient Pressure XPS at MAX IV: challenges and opportunities of the high brightness of the 4th generation storage ring”

Xianbo Shi (Argonne National Laboratory)
“Progress on R&D of X-ray wavefront sensors and adaptive optics optimization and control at the Advanced Photon Source”

Kazuto Yamauchi (Osaka University)
“Generation of extremely intense photon field by condensation of X-ray free electron laser SACLA less than 10nm”

Marco Zangrando (Elettra & CNR IOM)
“Recent results and developments of the FERMI photon beam transport and diagnostics system”