Invited speakers

Lahsen Assoufid (Argonne National Laboratory)
Development of a hard X-ray non-invasive wavefront sensor using a single-grating interferometer combined with a thin diamond single-crystal beam splitter

Peter Cloetens (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility)
X-ray nano-imaging and nano-analysis using multilayer coated Kirkpatrick-Baez optics

Nathalie Bouet (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
Multilayer Laue Lens Fabrication and Measurement Results

Robert Feidenhans’l (European XFEL)
European XFEL – New Opportunities for X-ray Science

Manuel Guizar-Sicairos (Paul Scherrer Institut)
Ptychographic X-ray computed tomography – An outlook for diffraction-limited sources

Jangwoo Kim (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory)
Hard X-ray focusing optics and applications at the PAL-XFEL

Takashi Kimura (Hokkaido University)
Radiation-Damage-Free Imaging of Solid Electrolytes for Lithium-Ion Batteries by Single-Shot Coherent Diffraction Imaging

Taito Osaka (SACLA)
Recent Progress of SACLA

Oleg G. Shpyrko (University of California San Diego)
Coherent X-ray Diffractive Imaging of Topological Defects in Operando Energy Storage Materials

Hugh Simons (Technical University of Denmark)
Multi-Scale 3D Imaging of Strains and Structures with Dark-Field X-Ray Microscopy

Anatoly Snigirev (Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University)
X-ray refractive beam-conditioning and beam-shaping optics for coherent microscopy applications

Wataru Yashiro (Tohoku University)
Recent Advance and Future Potential in X-ray Imaging with Gratings

Diling Zhu (SLAC)
Status and Developments in Crystal Optics at the Linac Coherent Light Source